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coach MNM
Sur le chemin du changement

Do you intend to begin your inner journey to regain your power?

Explore, transform, evolve

Follow your joy!


Explore your potential with personalized cosmic coaching sessions.

Together, we will define your objectives and develop strategies

to transform your life with my unique approach.


Coaching 1:1

Live intentionally and grow during major life transitions. With cosmic coaching, harmonize your Mind-Body-Spirit. Take back control of your life today with this holistic approach.

$222 for 4 conversations

Game of Life (1).png

The Game of Life

The Game of Life is a small group coaching over 4 weeks, aligned with the lunar cycle. Start at the new moon and use lunar energies to reconnect with your potential. With exercises and group discussions, explore your desires, values ​​and goals. Join us and let the moon guide your path to your full potential.

In break-in for $44



Dive into the mysteries of Merkaba with our dedicated workshop. Discover the secrets of this ancient technique of meditation and spiritual elevation.


Yoga Laptop.png

Short & Sweet
Yoga practices


At every new moon

and full moon

Yoga Moon Practice

Take advantage on the opportunity to nurture your practice and elevate your well-being.

Sign up now to receive your bi-monthly dose of lunar-inspired yoga! 

Thanks !


“Marie helped me reprioritize my needs/wants/things to do.

She helped me get back to my pre-COVID lifestyle.

I learned to consider the “other sides of Ida”.

I appreciate her talent for making me wonder “why” and holding me accountable. »


Ida Reaume -Banff Ab

The best way to thank me is to refer me to your loved ones

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