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Let me introduce myself Marie-Noelle Meehan.

I've explored some labels like lightworker, earth angel,

green witch, empathic, being highly sensitive,

but ultimately I explore my true nature everyday

and tune into my seasons. 

This is what I practice on a daily basis.

I also discovered a passion for astrology. I like to embody my own seasons in harmony with the cycle of the moon. I also explore the application of the cosmic laws, which allows me to play the game of life in the real world! Remember the Game of Life board game with the spinner? 


I like to compare our time on earth to the Game of Life. "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience."

We have Free Will and the choice to choose FUN or BORING... Are you a victim or the creator of your reality?


I am ready to share my knowledge and tools with you.

Whether you're moving, wanting to change jobs, curious about spirituality, on the motherhood journey, have a dog, you like Yoga, Astrology, you are a self help junky or want to achieve a goal.​

I would like to be part of your game of life, exploring your true nature through your seasons. So that you can save time and gain well-being and regain your power!

Let's explore your True Nature together one conversation at a time.

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